Agent Email 6/2

Week of May 23rd - Top 3   Ozzie - $11,682.84  Andy - $9,245.52 Kirsten - $9,003.00   The Agent Portal Update Over the next few days, all of you will be receiving a login and password for the Agent Portal on The email will be coming direct from WordPress. The site login can … Continue reading Agent Email 6/2


Week of May 16th - Top 3 Ozzie - $6,453.48 Roy - $6,363.36 Louis - $4,821   10 Tips on How to Ask the Right Questions 1. Prepare some of your questions in advance. 2. Ask open-ended and indirect questions. 3. Ask need development questions. 4. Ask questions that help you identify dominant needs. 5. Ask questions that help you pinpoint the dominant buying motivations. 6. Avoid offensive questions or asking questions in an insensitive way. 7. Start with broad questions, then move toward questions with a narrower focus. 8. Ask questions that are easy to answer. 9. Use questions to guide the interview and keep it positive in tone. 10.   Ask… then shut up and listen! Daniela’s Notes   Agents should … Continue reading DFES THIS WEEK’S AGENT BLOG

This week!

Week of May 9th - Top 3 Louis C. - $9,020.76 Julio - $8,923.20 Ozzie - $7,523.64   Are you at 212? I heard this comparison about 2 years ago from Rutgers Head Basketball Coach Mike Rice. Up until today, I couldn’t find an article or clip that articulated it as good as Coach Rice … Continue reading This week!

DFES this week!

Week of May 2nd - Top 3 Julio - $10,786.68 Louis C. - $10,493.76 Lizandro - $5,684.76   Spring Quarterly May 16, 2011 Holiday Inn, Totowa, NJ Breakfast – 10 am Meeting – 10:30 am   In every appt., make an impact. Time to Tee it up! See you all on Monday!

This week!

Week of April 25th - Top 3 Andy - $10,852.92 Julio - $6,228.00 Louis - $5,620.07   Are you going to be the one to win this?   Dignity has again come through and sponsored a contest for this 2nd Generation IPAD. Contest runs from the 2nd to May 15th. Good Luck!   Successful Closing … Continue reading This week!