Final Expense with Diversified

This is a company based out of Parsippany, NJ. You can work for us two ways: either as an already licensed agent or as an aspiring agent where we help you sign up for classes to study for your state licensing exam. Our final expense insurance agents are some of the greatest in the industry, and they have the numbers to show it.

Diversified agents work off leads obtained from mail-in cards. These cards were filled out bu senior and/or their families requesting information about our Final Expense options. With leads already showing an interest, our agent calls them to set up an appointment to discuss final expense options.

We aren’t just a company that aims to sign up as many names as possible for a paycheck. We are a company that focuses on the emotional impact of families. Our desire is to allow them the freedom and time to grieve over the death of a loved one while relieving worry about any financial burdens imposed by death.

When Uncle David passes away, 500 questions will be left at that moment- what did he want? What is he going to wear? Is he going to have his gold chain on? Who is coming to the wake? Did he want to be buried or cremated? So on and so forth…

In a time of grief and stress, answering these question can prove to be difficult. That is why we provide Diversified agents with our Dignity Planning Book. They are able to use it to help families get those answers before anything happens. They simply fill it out and hand it to the designated funeral organizer.

We at Diversified Companies have the best agents in the Final Expense field because we provide the best resources.

We can be seen as sales, we can be seen as insurance agents, but we can’t be seen as any other company out there that doesn’t care about genuinely impacting the lives of their clients. We care about “Positively Impacting Lives;” it’s not just our vision statement, it’s how we live.



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