Diversified Companies – Diversified Final Expense


This is a company based out of Bloomfield, NJ. You can work for us two ways: either as an already licensed agent or as an aspiring agent where we help you sign up for classes to study for your state license exam. Our agents that sell final expense insurance are some of the greatest agents in the industry, and their numbers show it.

Our agents work off leads that are mail-in cards that were filled out by interested seniors and families that request information about our Final Expense options. Our agents call them, set up a day and time to visit said family, and then visit them to discuss what options they have to enroll in life insurance.

We aren’t just a company who aims to  sign up as many names possible for only a paycheck, but we are a company that focuses on the emotional impact of families and want to help them be able to spend their days able to grief over the death of a family member rather than have to wonder and worry about the financial burden that occurs during the death of a relative (God forbid).

When Uncle David passes away, 500 questions are left at that moment- what did he want? What is she going to wear? Is he going to have her gold earrings on? Who is coming to the wake? Did he want to be buried or cremated? We at Diversified Companies have the best agents in the Final Expense field help that family out with our Dignity Planning book, which families can easily fill out before hand and then just hand over to the funeral organizer.

We can be seen as sales, we can be seen as insurance agents, but what we can’t be seen is like every other company out there who doesn’t care about actually impacting the lives of their clients. We care about “Positively Impacting Lives”, and it’s not our vision statement, but it’s how we live.

From us to our agents, we want to thank you all for helping us build an emotional connection with our clientele and also for truly, TRULY Positively Impacting Lives.


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The Diversified Companies.
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