Weekly Update 7/29

Week of July 18 – Top 3
Kirsten – $6,332.64 – SHE’S BACK!!
Maria – $5,466.72
Julio – $5,297.40

Conserve Your Business
Are you doing your part?
Dignity Planning Birthday Mailing
Dignity’s Birthday Card mailing went out last week for July and August. We mailed all current clients who do not have a Dignity Plan already. This is a great tool to help you conserve your business. Any return we get will be distributed to you so you can deliver them to your client and fill their need with enough coverage for their final expenses.

Family Income Rider
The Family Income Rider is a new rider specifically designed for Diversified Companies! Offer the rider to all your current and potential clients! For your current clients who already have a policy, you cannot replace the policy BUT you can go revisit them and put them into a smaller policy so they have the Rider coverage. Calculating the Rider premium is easy.
1- Make sure you have the correct rate sheet. Green is for New York. All other states use the Blue Rate card.
2- Look up the age of the client (be sure to look at the correct sex grid. For New Jersey clients, look at the correct smoking/non-smoking grid as well as sex).
3- Ignore the Waiver, use only the Rider cost (unless you plan to include the Nursing Home Waiver).
4- Multiply the amount by the modal factor. (Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual)
Have a great weekend!


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