Start of the Third Quarter

Week of June 27 – Top 3

Jeffrey A. – $10,014.12
Julio A. – $8,495.88
Louis C. – $7,068.84

At Halftime, the score is…
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! Just in case you haven’t realized it, 2011 is half over. Tuesday was the start of the 3rd quarter for 2011. Where are you with achieving your 2011 goals? The ball is in your court. Is it time for the full court press in order for you to meet your income and production goal? Or, are you safe playing back in a zone?

Check some of these videos out. I wanted to provide you with some motivational sales tips to jump start the second half of the year. I couldn’t decide on one so here are three different videos. If you like them, come see me about other sales training videos from sales gurus including Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, the Kinder brothers and Tony Robbins. We have a plentiful supply that will help you grow from the average producer that sits in the back of the meeting that no one knows to the producer that sits atop the production board every week.

Start selling, Quit blaming

Key Points to think about:
1- Knock off the blame.
2- Take responsibility.
3- Never allow anyone else to solve your problems.
4- Learn everything you can about the marketplace and product.
The blame game is a dead end street. Create your own economy.

3 Types of Sales People

Key Points to think about:
Are you a poor performer? Are you often showing up late to the office or appointments? Are you critical of issues and filled with excuses? Your days are numbered.
Are you average? The only reason you are successful is because of the poor performer. Thank them the next time you see them. What are you going to do when ten strong closers get brought it tomorrow and raise the bar? Where will you be?
Are you the over performer? Congratulations. Now, raise your bar. Anyone can be provided you work the system that has been laid out for you. These are the agents who make calls on Monday at the office, use Dignity, attend weekly meetings and overall positively impact every client they see.
Which are you? Which will you become by December?

Sales Mistakes

Key Points to think about:
1- You didn’t ask.
2- You didn’t get an answer.
3- They aren’t relevant questions.
4- You are asking bad questions.
5- Remember the answer.
Quality Questions + Great Answers = Sale

Don’t forget about the CFG Webinar on Monday, 11am, sharp!

Have a great weekend!


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