Week of May 16th – Top 3

Ozzie – $6,453.48

Roy – $6,363.36

Louis – $4,821


10 Tips on How to Ask the Right Questions

1. Prepare some of your questions in advance.

2. Ask open-ended and indirect questions.

3. Ask need development questions.

4. Ask questions that help you identify dominant needs.

5. Ask questions that help you pinpoint the dominant buying motivations.

6. Avoid offensive questions or asking questions in an insensitive way.

7. Start with broad questions, then move toward questions with a narrower focus.

8. Ask questions that are easy to answer.

9. Use questions to guide the interview and keep it positive in tone.

10.   Ask… then shut up and listen!


Daniela’s Notes


  • Agents should not tell clients that they will cancel policies for them.   Always give clients the customer service number and advise them that the insured is the ONLY person that can cancel.
  • After much deliberation back and forth, Columbian has finally come back and stated that an application is only good for 30 days. Unless it is in pending because of an APS, an application will be closed after 30 days. This means that it is even more important than ever to tend to your pending issues immediately.  After 30 days the application will need to be rewritten. This would NOT count as part of your weekly numbers.
  • Graded percentage is calculated on ISSUED and PAID business within 365 days. This includes lapsed policies, since they were issued and paid.  The maximum allowance for graded business is 30%.
  • Many incorrect premiums lately. Please be careful to quote the correct premium.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend to kick off summer!


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