This week!

Week of April 25th – Top 3

Andy – $10,852.92

Julio – $6,228.00

Louis – $5,620.07


Are you going to be the one to win this?


Dignity has again come through and sponsored a contest for this 2nd Generation IPAD. Contest runs from the 2nd to May 15th.

Good Luck!


Successful Closing

Check out this article by Tom Hopkins, “The Builder of Sales Champions.”

In sales, closing is the winning score, the bottom line, the name of the game, the point of it all. If you can’t close, you’re like a football team that can’t sustain a drive long enough to score. It does you no good to play your whole game in your own territory and never get across the other team’s goal line.


May Birthdays

6 – Shawna Naylor

8 – Barbara Blonsky

13 – James D’Amato

15 – Maria Fustaneo

15 – Merrick Smith

31 – Andy Saat

Happy Birthday!

Spring Quarterly

May 16, 2011

Holiday Inn, Totowa, NJ

Breakfast – 10 am

Meeting – 10:30 am

Have a great week!


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