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Diversified Final Expense – This Week!

Week of April 11th - Top 3 1-      Andy - $11,275.56                                            2-      Jeff A. - $8,509.56 3-      Louis C.- $7,460.64           A Coach’s Creed Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant is still admired by college football fans everywhere. He is 6th all time in the college football wins list with 323 victories combined at Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A … Continue reading Diversified Final Expense – This Week!

We are Back!

Week of March 28st - Top 3 1-      Aziz - $8,591.52                                 2-      Andy - $7,671.36                                               3-      Kirsten - $6,926.44                                           Week of April 4th - Top 3 1-      Andy - $13,544.80                                            2-      Habiba - $6,997.20 3-      Shawna - $4,142.16         Columbian Trip WOW! What a week in Mexico. I think I can speak for all of … Continue reading We are Back!

Back on Monday…

It is time once again for the Annual Columbian trip. This year, we are heading to the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun! Will be a great trip for all our Agents and their guests.  After you check out the views, find out how you can join us next year in Pelican Hill, CA by applying at