Week’s update

Week of February 28th – Top 3


1- Ozzie – $10,793.04

2- Kirsten – $7,154.16

3- Andy – $6,873.24


I want to follow up last week’s email with the Dignity Contest that was announced on Monday.

It’s very simple.

Write plans. Turn it in with your client’s application.

The more plans you write, the better the shot you have to win a 40 inch tv.

There are two ways to win. First is simple, most points from applications and plans submitted, win the TV.

The second way is points off of the March Madness NCAA Tourney bracket. After you write plans, you fill out brackets. Whoever gets the most points from the brackets will win $$$$.

Weekly cash prizes will be awarded as well!


As I said last week, the numbers show that this tool is not really an option for rookies or veterans for the future “as we grow together as partners.”  It is clear that it is in the best interest of Diversified moving forward.

This is a great contest, with multiple opportunities for you to win. Those who aren’t accustomed to writing Dignity, this is a good opportunity to dive in.

If you have any questions about the contest, let me know.



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