Weekly Update

Week of February 21th – Top 3

1- Garnet – $8,166.96

2- Jeffrey – $7,463.28

3- Andy – $5,976.24


Crossing the Referral Bridge


Andy came across a series of articles online that he encouraged me to share with you. This article on referrals I feel fits best based on how Monday’s meeting ended with Dignity. Many of you didn’t realize the potential for The Dignity Planning guide as a generator of referrals. ALL ABOARD As you can see based on the Dignity numbers that were presented on Monday, Diversified agents who have participated in the Dignity tool, have had a plethora of success both in closing rate and in annual income. With what these numbers show, this tool is not really an option for rookies or veterans for the future “as we grow together as partners.” Dignity has made a positive impact on our submitted business, our clients and those agents that have contributed. It is clear that it is in the best interest of Diversified moving forward. I have attached the numbers for you in case you missed them or wanted to review them again. As you can see, by simply adding Dignity to your presentation, the average agent can potentially add a minimum of $9,696 to their income annually. If you have any questions about the numbers, please let us know.


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