Weekly update

Top 3 – Week of January 17th.


1- Ken – $7,198.80

2- Carlos – $5,254.08

3- Andy – $5,250.84

Wise Words for Agents

Forgive me for being a day late with the weekly update. I know all of you look forward to this email but I was up in Syracuse doing a recruiting event with Mark. In any case, check this article out. It is a valuable sales tip/approach to future your growth and development within the Diversified system.


Active Recruiting Program

As you all know, we are always recruiting for new agents. With that, I just wanted to remind everyone of the bonuses you can earn by simply referring them to an RGA.

v  An Interview with an Applicant who watched the video and has a car – $25

–  Applicant has then contracted with Diversified -$100

–  Applicant passes the State Exam – $125

–  During the Rookie Fast Start, your recruit does:

–  $10,000 in business – $250

–  $20,000 in business – an additional $250

–  $30,000 in business – an additional $250

If you have someone in mind that can make a Positive Impact with the Diversified team,

Please speak up.

Focus on a successful week!


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