Diversified Update


Top 3 – Week of January 17th. Congrats!


1- Andy – $9,018.72

2- Julio – $7,912.32

3- Louis C. – $6,367.92



Check this out

The clip is from a movie called Facing the Giants. Never saw the movie, but this clip blew me away.

As you know, our management team has been away all week for strategic planning. My guess is that with them away, some of you have strayed just a little from your weekly goals. And, no, it wasn’t because of the snow). I can promise all of you that when our Managers come back, they are going to be fully committed to making 2011 extremely successful.

With that, I found this video.

The Coach is our management team and Brock, every one of us. Brock has a ton of potential but sometimes seems to not fully reach it. With Coach’s help, Brock does. Each one of us has a successful sales manager that is willing to go above and beyond for you.

However, we don’t always use him when we know he can help make us successful.


In the clip, Brock is blindfolded the entire time.

Ever do your own thing outside the tools you have been given and been completely unsuccessful? Basically, you were blindfolded without a coach.


Coach makes him promise he won’t quit until he has given everything he has.

Did you make that same promise to your manager?

Not knowing where it was leading, Brock walked 100 yards with a teammate on his back, all because he trusted in his Coach.

You mean you have all the answers about selling? Or does your manager have a few more tips that can help?


How about for 2 weeks, we try everything that our managers ask of us

and let them lead us the way Coach led Brock?

Who knows? It may mean more production and more money in this business.

Coach tells Brock, “Don’t tell me you can’t give me more than what I have been seeing.”

With that, I say to you: don’t tell me, with the tools Diversified and your Manager/Agency Director has given you, you can’t do more than what we have been seeing every week.



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