Week Update 1/20/11

Week of January 10th. Congrats!

1- Kirsten – $9,138.24

2- Andy – $7,565.16

3- Julio – $6,191.88

This week’s message is simple “tiny changes mean HUGE results.”


I challenge every agent in the field this week and next to change “two millimeters” in your presentation.

No more, no less.

Something in the beginning, middle or end.

From the second you pull up in front of the house, until you pull out of the street.

Change/add something.

Simple examples:

How you ask for referrals.

Send a Thank You/Congratulations note.

Spend five extra minutes more talking about them to make a better friend.


Anything else you can think of, that is out of your comfort level.


After you decide what it is, I have an even simpler request.

Share it with me.

Email me the 2mm change you plan to make.


I look forward to seeing the success stories from those of you who took full advantage of this.


“When two people meet,

If there is rapport,

The person who is most certain

will ALWAYS influence the other person.”


Remember, where focus goes, energy flows. So focus on a great week!



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