Diversified Weekly Update 1/13

What up, dawg?

Hope everyone is doing well.

It is a great day to be alive.

The Top 3 Agents for the week of January 3, 2011.


1- Melissa – $10,204.40

2- Andy – $8,461.68

3- Louis C. – $5,214.48

This is Melissa’s first $10,000+ week. With that, she qualifies for the prestigious Diversified Blazer! Congrats, Melissa!

Like this week’s meeting, this week’s email will be a short one so I don’t distract you from having a productive week. Your welcome!

I know you all look forward to my email every week but with this extra time, you can get one or 2 more door knocks in or call through your no contacts one more time. Again, you’re welcome!

I am sure that the extra initiative will be worth it for the extra sale or 2.


I was on Twitter earlier today and came across this article. I am not sure if any of you have seen the movie Avatar but it is the highest grossing movie EVER, so I am going to assume you have. The author uses the Na’vi people and emphasizes the importance of communication to Sales Professionals. Check it out. More importantly, put it into effect with your clients.



Have a great weekend. And remember that where focus goes, energy flows. So focus on a great week!



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