Diversified Weekly Update

Congrats to the Top 3 for November 29-

1- Lizandro – $5,820.84

2- Andy – $5,120.76

3- Kirsten – $4,860.00


Let me tell you something you already know

As always, I hope you guys are all having a great week.  A couple of weeks ago in the Monday meeting, Roy had a great idea to show a clip from Glengarry Glen Ross to get you guys fired up. Some of you have shared with me how much you enjoyed the video so I thought mixing a clip in here and there may be some good mid week motivation. Check it out.

Bloomfield Buzz

Hopefully Rocky got you going and lifted you up! There are a few more posted at the Diversified WordPress Blog as well. Just a few notes, as we wind down 2010.

Quarterly Meeting – January 3rd – Holiday Inn in Totowa, NJ -11 am

For the meeting, please be prepared with your goals for 2011 (both personal, income and production goals). This meeting early in the year will give us all the opportunity to really commit to the goals for the New Year.

Have a good weekend. And remember that where focus goes, energy flows. So focus on a great week!



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