Weekly Update

Week’s Top 3 –

1- Andy – $10,225.56

2- Julio – $6,660.72

3- Kirsten – $4,630.56

Social Media Networking Buzz

Diversified has recently gone live on five different social media networking outlets. As you are probably aware, social media networking has propelled companies all over the world. Diversified has a similar vision. As a leading force in the final expense marketplace, we hope to grow similarly with our agents and associates that are and are not directly tied to us with these outlets. Primarily, we want this to be a recruiting tool.

The links to each are here:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bloomfield-NJ/The-Diversified-Companies/136931776334643

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/companies/the-diversified-companies

Twitter – http://twitter.com/thediversified

Blog – https://thediversified.wordpress.com/

YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/user/thediversifiedco

Our goal here is to give the general public and agents’ tips, links and help through the net and grow our company’s brand name.  I am sure you are all on these sites so I have a few requests. Please go on them and add us, like us, follow us, comment to us and view us. Most importantly, please leave your feedback about your experiences with Diversified as it will help any viewers inquire about career opportunities.

Maintenance Work

Just a quick request to follow up Daniela’s message on Tuesday (don’t staple the Dignity Apps), please make sure you turn in BOTH pages from the wish books.

You say it’s your birthday?!

November is a popular month in the Diversified family as we have five birthdays this month.

Happy Birthday to all five of you.

Nov 12 – Julio A.

Nov 13 – Ronnie R.

Nov 15 – Mark Sek

Nov 18 – Dennis G.

Nov 26 – Alex C.

5 Weeks Left!


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