Diversified Weekly Update 11/4

Congratulations to the Week’s Top 3 –

1- Kirsten – $10,017.12

2- Nicole – $6,943.20

3- Andy – $5,811.00

7 weeks left in 2010

Separate Yourself!

As you may know, I am a big basketball guy. That is why you see a lot of John Wooden quotes in my emails. With the NCAA preseason underway and the NBA up and running, one coach came to mind when I thought about what I can incorporate into an email.


Those of you who follow College basketball saw West Virginia lose in the National Semifinals last April in Indianapolis. On the end of the bench, wearing his staple black turtleneck (every game) was Assistant Coach Billy Hahn.


I saw Coach Hahn speak a few summers back and then again last October. He is one fiery, old-school coach. He began his speech just the same as if you were meeting him personally, one-on-one.


“What’s up, Dawg”

This is a 50-something, white basketball coach from the farmlands in Indiana. Very strange.

Yet, this is his staple.


When you ask him how he is, you get the same answer every time without fail,

“It’s a GREAT day to be alive.”

Again, this is his staple.


In both speeches, he went on and on about the importance of separating yourself from every other person out there in whatever it is you are doing.

I got a very simple message this week.


Separate Yourself!

How will you do so?


How can you increase your production rapidly for the long haul?


It can be in an introduction. It can be making your own statement. This coach has three: the black turtleneck, the interesting greeting and the energetic answer.


I encourage you to find your way to separate yourself.


Maintenance Work

I know we all triple check our applications before turning them into Daniela on Mondays but just a few things to help you focus in on turning in your best work.

  • Conserving business keeps your residual checks coming! It is also an opportunity to get a new referral. Take notice of these opportunities.
  • Calculating age correctly is very important. Wrong age means wrong premium amount. Remember, the effective date plays a part in age calculations.
  • Applications are legal documents. Print clearly and neatly in black ink (preferably)


“Productivity is a measure of how much you accomplish – not how busy you are.”


It’s Thursday already. I am sure you were all very busy this week, as was I but one question for you.


What did you accomplish this week?


See you Monday.



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