Weekly Update 10/21

We all know how it starts.

1- Andy – $9,370.80

2- Kirsten – $8,807.76

3- Louis C. – $7,054.80

Great job!

Currently, we are at $57,500 for the week. Usually, if you double this number, that is what we are expected to be at by Monday. We are tracking for the biggest week of 2010. Keep up the hard work!

9 weeks left in 2010

I had a lot of great feedback from you guys about last week’s update. Thank you for that. I am very happy to see that it is being read. The feedback made me wonder how many of you actually sat down and wrote SMART objectives. This may seem like I am trying to take the easy way out this week. I assure you, I am not.

At the September quarterly meeting, Mike Sr. started with a story.  It was a very valuable lesson. The short version went something like this.

A pastor was new to a church and gave his first homily that put everyone in awe. It was a powerful homily leaving everyone excited and full of life.  The problem was, five weeks went by and he was giving the exact same homily every week.  No one in the church could understand this. Finally, one parishioner asked him about it after the mass.

“You gave us such a great homily the first week. We loved it. But you have given us the same homily every week since,” the parishioner said.

The pastor immediately responded excitedly, “I will stop giving the same homily when everyone listens to it and puts into action the lessons learned.”

Now, not to say I need to give the same email five weeks in a row, but put it into action!

Dig your teeth in and reach your objectives.

Create S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

Specific- When you are setting your plan, you really want to be as specific as possible. Hit all 6 W’s. Who? What? When? Where? Why? Which? Specific objectives are more likely to be achieved then a general goal.

Measureable- Just like your numerical goal, your objective has to be measurable. To do so, ask: How much? How many? Essentially, you need to know beforehand how you will know when you reached the objective.

Achievable- Objectives have to be attainable and believable. If you cannot achieve them based on the skills or resources, change them!

Realistic- Simply put; are these real to you or a pipedream?

Time-bound- Lastly, put a time stamp on it. Obviously, in this case I have it for you.

9 weeks left.

Chance #2, set you objectives and hit your goals!

I encourage all of you to work SMART-er, not harder.

See you Monday.



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