Keywords and Phrases to use in Sales

Every sales person has certain words and phrases that are preferred in sales. These words and phrases become second nature. We have compiled a list of those words and phrases that you should use.  Using key words and phrases like these will help to lower the resistance you may sometimes get from prospects during your phone approach, door approach, presentation and close.

Do use words and phrases like:

Qualify – everyone wants to qualify

Eligible – everyone wants to be eligible

Entitled to – everyone wants to be entitled to

“The information that you requested”

“Crisis in America Right now”- You will be perceived as a problem solver

Delivery – you enforce the law of reciprocity

“Congratulations” – they made a great decision for themselves and their family

“What we’ll do is”

“What we do”

“What we’re doing”

“I’m sure you’ll find”



“This will just take a second”

“I do understand the inconvenience you have faced”

“I will be more than glad/ happy to assist you”

“I completely understand the reason why / your situation”

“What I can do for you right now is”

“I would suggest / I recommend”

“To avoid a similar inconvenience in the future I request”

“As soon as you receive”

“You will surely be able to enjoy”

“We have a variety of ’

“This is the best plan for the future”

“Mr/Mrs Smith, feel free to contact me at any time. Remember, I work for you”

“Nice to see you”

These words and phrases are keys to success as the language you choose can make you very successful. In using all these terms, you always want to avoid sounding like you are reading off a script. In addition, you ALWAYS want to avoid the topic of religion, politics as well as any and all ethnic jokes.




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