Diversified Weekly Update 10/7

As always, I have to start by acknowledging the Top 3 Agents from last week.

1- Kirsten – $9,961.80

2- Andy – $8,269.56

3- Julio – $7,021.20

These weeks just fly by.  We only have 11 weeks left of 2010. I won’t take too much of your time up today but just a few thoughts.

“The healthiest competition occurs when average people win

by putting above average effort.”

–     Colin Powell

Nothing like some good competition around Diversified so I want to ask everyone, who is going to be the Agent to knock Andy out of the Top 3 for next week?  Who is going to give the above average effort and make 10 extra calls or do 5 extra door knocks?  I have the utmost respect for Mr Saat. However, Andy, I can’t wait for you to see 3 agents out produce you one time. Being the spirited competitor that you are, I know that you will bounce back with an above average week.

With that being said,




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