Telephone Tips for Appointment Setting

Figured the best way to start every week would be with tips or insight about keys to the sales process. This week, I wanted to give you some tips for the Telephone.  Mastering setting appointments is a very valuable tool that will make you very successful in sales.  For all our Recruiters, Agents and anyone out in the field, making phone calls and getting appointments is a numbers game. If you want to be a big time player, you must make a sufficient number of calls every week. These tips will help you develop your skills and make you a player in this game of ours.

Top 10 Telephone Tips for Appointment setting.

1-      Smile!

  1. Your smile or frown can be heard. If you’re sitting down tired and restless, stand up and make yourself more energetic.

2-      Speak slowly

  1. The last thing you want to do is come across like a fast-talking telemarketer.  Be natural and use your normal voice.

3-      Commit the script to memory.

  1. Add your own personality and style to your call. It is obvious if you are reading off a sheet or free flowing and smooth.

4-      Know how to handle objections.

  1. Have a sheet in front of you with all your rebuttals and answers to any possible questions you may hear.

5-      Never attempt to sell over the phone.

  1. Your goal is to get the appointment to sit down with them.  Not to register right then and there.

6-      Be Direct!

  1. Just like your close in person, don’t give to many different options. “Mr Smith, is 11am or 1pm better to sit down with you?

7-      Be positive. Expect a “YES” to your request for an appointment.

8-      Always use a confirmation number.

  1. This will help your no show rate. No one wants to get all the way to an appointment and have a “no show.”  Make a simple number like your 8 digit DOB.

9-      Hang up fast.

  1. Don’t make small talk after you set the appointment.

10-   Leave them happy.

  1. Always let the prospect hang up the phone first and looking forward to your visit.

Developing telephone skills aren’t difficult but it can be if you skip steps.

Remember, you can practice and practice but if you practice poorly, you will only get better at getting worse.


3 thoughts on “Telephone Tips for Appointment Setting

  1. bet365 italia says:

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    I come from roma, I was luck to discover your Topics in baidu
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  2. Barbara McKinney says:

    I agree with you, whether you are on a call setting an appointment, or on an appointment with the client itself, smiling is crucial. When you smile and talk, it gives a warm welcome to the client and also makes you feel confident about the deal.Always try to smile and deal with clients.

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