Shut up and Listen: A Lesson to All

I found this article as I was trying to decide the first topic of our blog here at Diversified. I feel like it hit on all the attributes we want to touch upon in captivating our audience of insurance agents, colleagues, staff and potential sales associates through our blog median.

As I read, I couldn’t help but think that everyone could benefit from the lessons here, not just CEOs, bosses or “leaders.”  Think of all the times as sales reps, employees, and even average “Joe,” that you made a quick decision and thought it was a real “solution.”  Whether you are a sales rep, a front desk assistant or a teacher, think about how you could have suited everyone’s needs better by listening, planning and creating the right decision, instead of the brash quick one.  Using the right communication, planning efficiently and listening to our customers, staff, and clients make us all better Sales Agents.


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