Shut up and Listen: A Lesson to All

I found this article as I was trying to decide the first topic of our blog here at Diversified. I feel like it hit on all the attributes we want to touch upon in captivating our audience of insurance agents, colleagues, staff and potential sales associates through our blog median. As I read, I … Continue reading Shut up and Listen: A Lesson to All


Diversified Weekly Update 9/30

Congratulations to the Top 3 Agents from last week. Love the Fight, dog! 1- Andy - $10,284.36 2- Dennis - $7,542.12 3- Kirsten - $5,409.00 Hard to believe that tomorrow is October 1st.  Sadly, summer is a distant memory. However, the holidays are just around the corner. This Monday, October 4 marks the start of … Continue reading Diversified Weekly Update 9/30